Rice krispie treats bites with marshmallow, small snack for kids
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The Kitchen Tool To Avoid The Mess Of Cutting Rice Krispies Treats
Rice Krispies treats are pretty sublime, but the firm consistency that develops once the mixture cools can make it feel like you are trying to slice through a brick.
The gooey marshmallow coating can stick to the knife and make for a troublesome clean-up, but there is a kitchen tool to avoid this messy situation.
If you want to make Rice Krispies treats while avoiding the messy hassle of cutting them up, you should break out your muffin tin.
Grease each cup with non-stick cooking spray or your preferred option, and then spoon and press in the cereal-marshmallow mixture.
You still have to exercise some patience and allow them to cool, but once they do, they'll be ready to eat with no cutting required.
If you are unable to forgo the beloved square, you could also try greasing your knife or pizza cutter to help it glide through this sticky treat.