French Laundry chef Thomas Keller
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The Kitchen Tool Thomas Keller Swears By For Smooth Scrambled Eggs
Cooking perfect scrambled eggs is a way to instantly make your mornings better. and picking up pro tips from accomplished chefs can help you up your scrambled egg game. The French Laundry's Thomas Keller, a world-renowned chef, uses this cheap, common kitchen tool for perfectly soft and smooth scrambled eggs.
For a perfectly smooth scramble, Keller whisks his eggs together with a little kosher salt, then pours them into a fine-mesh sieve to strain them before cooking. Using a sieve not only ensures your beaten eggs have a perfectly homogeneous consistency, but it also guarantees that you're not serving up bits of eggshell for breakfast.
Chef Keller prefers to cook his scrambled eggs over medium-low heat, stirring frequently and heating them gently until they're not quite fully set, since the eggs will continue to cook for a little once they're taken off the heat. He then whisks in a little crème fraîche to finish, which adds creaminess and a touch of tang to the eggs.