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The Kitchen Tool That Will Make Egg Salad So Much Easier
Kitchen gadgets make it simpler to slice, dice, peel, shred, de-core, mash — the list goes on. When preparing egg salad, there's already a tool hanging around in your kitchen that can make the process easier and maybe just a bit tastier, saving you time and energy.
Forget knives and costly contraptions; next time you make egg salad use a potato masher to mash the boiled eggs instead of chopping them. Just add the hard-boiled eggs to a bowl, start smashing, and within seconds you'll have a silky salad — you'll never look at your potato masher the same way ever again.
While many recipes suggest using a fork to mash, the potato masher covers a larger surface, not only ensuring your yolks will be more velvety, but can also prevent huge pieces of egg whites in your recipe. So, next time, grab your potato masher (preferably, a waffle head style) and the result will be a more uniform, aesthetic egg salad.