Pieces of butter in the bowl. On a rustic background.
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The Kitchen Tool That Will Change The Way You Spread Cold Butter
If you prefer keeping butter cold, then the perfect toast can easily be jeopardized since cold butter is harder to spread. For a final result that looks as good as it tastes, there's a kitchen tool that'll change how you spread cold butter forever that you likely have on hand.
A clever trick circulating on TikTok is using a vegetable peeler to peel the chilled block of butter. Run a Y-shaped peeler lengthwise down the cold stick, and you'll be left with thin ribbons of evenly carved butter that will melt with ease, won't destroy bread, and will prevent a trail of crumbs.
What's especially great about peeling butter is that it benefits not only toasted bread but any delicate food from crackers to popcorn. The wispy strands are also a great way to distribute fat evenly for grilled proteins or roasted vegetables, and it can also shave impossibly hard sticks into pie crust dough.