cut half an Apple with a green leaf isolated on white
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The Kitchen Tool For Easily Coring Apples
While many people eat their apples down to the core, you need to get rid of the cores when cooking with the fruit, so that no fibrous bits or seeds get into your food. Coring apples with a knife can be tedious, while an apple corer is quick, but requires buying a uni-tasking kitchen gadget, so try this more versatile tool instead.
A melon baller, a device that looks like a mini ice cream scooper, is not only great for creating round scoops of melons and other ingredients, but it can also core apples. To keep the apple whole, start at the stem and carve out a scoop of the flesh, then keep scooping and moving down until you reach the bottom of the apple.
If you don't need your apples to keep their shape, you can slice them in half and scoop the core out in one fell swoop using the melon baller. If you don't have a melon baller, TikToker Daphne Oz recommends using a tablespoon, a similarly-shaped tool that might not have as sharp of an edge, but gets the job done.