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The Kitchen Gadget Alton Brown Uses To Chop Garlic Fast
From his work on “Good Eats” to “Cutthroat Kitchen,” and “Iron Chef America,” Alton Brown knows every trick in the (cook)book. With a 20-year career on Food Network, it's safe to assume Brown knows a thing or two, like his tip for cutting garlic faster with one unconventional kitchen gadget.
In an Instagram post from 2015, Brown revealed his secret to cutting garlic fast, writing, “When you need chopped garlic fast… reach for the egg cutter.” An egg cutter is a circular arrangement of fine blades that is gently pressed through a hard-boiled egg, neatly slicing it into even pieces, not unlike a garlic press which pushes fresh garlic cloves through a grid, dicing it.
While Brown’s fans were quick to approve, Anthony Bourdain begged to differ. Bourdain wrote, “Misuse of garlic is a crime. [G]arlic that has been tragically smashed through one of those abominations, the garlic press, are all disgusting. Please treat your garlic with respect… don’t put it through a press.”