Caesar salad with grilled chicken meat, fresh lettuce, parmesan cheese, and fried croutons
The Kind Of Cheese To Add To Your Salad To Optimize Every Forkful
If you enjoy cheese in every bite of your salad, you’re going to want to avoid chunky varieties like blue cheese or feta and go for drier types that you can sprinkle or grate.
Smaller bits of cheese can be tossed easily with other ingredients, and cover more of your salad's surface area. It’s harder to break up thicker cheeses that are moist and creamy.
Grated Parmesan, aged Gouda, Pecorino Romano, or even a sharp, shredded cheddar are great cheese options for your salad. They'll add flavor in every bite.
No one likes getting a big, overwhelming chunk of cheese in one or two bites and having none left over towards the end of the meal, so evenly-distributed cheese is the way to go.