Bowl of honey and a dipper
The Key To Storing Sticky Honey And Syrup Is Cupcake Liners
It's not uncommon for sticky ingredients like honey and maple syrup to leave a mess on your pantry shelves. To easily combat this, use cupcake liners as a barrier.
Storing your bottles lid-side down in a liner catches any mess, and you still have easy access to your bottles. If the lid side doesn’t fit, you can store it right side up instead.
Since cupcake liners are so cheap and easy to find, you can simply swap them out when one gets too dirty. You can also use a sturdier foil liner to prolong its shelf life.
This trick doesn't just have to be for honey or maple syrup, either. You can also use this hack for bottles of chocolate sauce, caramel, strawberry syrups, or corn syrup.