Fried Brussels sprouts in frying pan
The Key To Perfect Skillet Brussels Sprouts Starts With Chicken Stock
Brussels sprouts offer a robust flavor. If you want to unlock their richness to achieve a delicious flavor and texture, cook them in a hot skillet along with chicken stock.
A piping hot oiled skillet sears the Brussels, adding a browned, caramelized flavor, while chicken stock will finish off the cooking, giving savoriness and a tender, juicy texture.
Chicken stock not only helps steam the Brussels for that lovely tenderness but also infuses them with umami-richness, tempering their notoriously bitter finish.
Start by cutting the sprouts in half to expose their fibrous interior, then heat a generous helping of oil or butter in a skillet and place the sprouts cut-side down.
Leave them for a few minutes to acquire crispy, charred edges, and add aromatics and spices to fry them. Then, pour a shallow layer of chicken stock into the skillet.
Do not completely submerge the Brussels in the stock, as you'll have to steam them covered first, then uncovered for a minute or two more to absorb all of the aromatic vapor.