An opened jar of salsa
The Key To More Flavorful Marinades Is Store-Bought Salsa
For a new twist on your usual marinade, add store-bought salsa, which often contains tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, and cilantro, tied together by lime juice and spices.
With store-bought salsa, you save yourself the time of preparing these ingredients individually. Turning it into a marinade is as simple as coating meat with a few spoonfuls.
The true allure lies in the flavor salsa brings to your meat. All at once, it's a burst of tangy, zesty, peppery, and subtly spicy flavors fusing into the familiar savory base.
This mixture is a touch different from regular marinades. Instead of depth and richness, you'd get a lively vibrancy that salsa is famously beloved for.