Mississippi roast with two forks on a white plate
The Key To Making Perfect Mississippi Roast Is A Stick Of Butter
There’s a lot to love about a Mississippi roast. It starts with a marbled chuck roast, which is joined by briny, tangy, and mildly-spicy pepperoncini.
The meat is also drenched in powdered ranch dressing mix, powdered brown gravy mix, and powdered onion soup mix. The ingredient that takes it to another level is butter.
Butter adds fat to this dish and helps the gravy develop a texture that coats the meat and the tongue, becoming that much more savory and satisfying.
Yes, the chuck roast contributes a good deal of fat too, but not all fats are the same, and the addition of butter builds layers in this roast.
The butter also contains milk solids that toast during cooking, lending the dish a slightly-creamy nuttiness. Half a stick of unsalted butter will get you all that flavor.
Unsalted butter is recommended because the the roast itself, the powdered mixes, and the pepperoncini all contain salt already.