Traditional mexican refried beans with nachos, jalapeno and tomato sauce
The Key To Leveling Out The Richness Of Canned Refried Beans
Refried beans are delicious in various dishes like burritos or nachos, but sometimes their richness can be overwhelming. A touch of acidity can balance out the flavor.
With its sharp tang, lime juice cuts through the dense, creamy, and savory beans, infusing a contrasting zesty and slightly sweet element into the rich puree.
Lime juice also provides a nutrient boost with its high vitamin C and antioxidant content. Add about half of a lime's juice to one can of refried beans for the right balance.
If you like to heat up your refried beans on the stove, add lime juice in the last few minutes of cooking. Use the juice carefully, as it's quite potent.
Sour cream is another element that can add a tangy punch to your refried beans, as well as a smooth and creamy texture. You can also use other citrus juices besides lime.