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The Key To Getting The Crispiest Fries From An Air Fryer
If you have an air fryer, one reason is probably that you're seeking for a different way to prepare foods that would normally be deep-fried. While air fryer fries have a certain level of crispness, the texture errs more on the soggy side, but don't fear, we have a trick.
You won't require any additional ingredients to cook fries in the air fryer to an extra-crispy level; all you need to do is toss them a couple times while they're cooking. It also enables each side of the fry to cook uniformly while preventing them from sticking to one another.
More importantly, as Bon Appétit explains, it roughs up the surface of the potato to expose a layer of starch. This starch, combined with any oil you may have sprayed onto the fries, is what helps them crisp up in the air fryer.