A lime margarita mocktail
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The Key To Get A Spicy And Savory Twist On Alcohol-Free Margaritas
The key behind a good mocktail is using exciting flavors, and the perfect way to put a unique twist on your zero-proof margarita is to mix in some peppers.
If you're looking for a spicy and savory flavor, try shishito peppers. Toss them into a blender, add some simple syrup, blend, and then strain to create a savory margarita base.
If you want a bit more sweetness with a spicy kick, look no further than red bell peppers. For something spicier, go for jalapeños — just blend, strain, and mix into your mocktail.
Regardless of what pepper you choose, don't forget to add a rimmed glass with salt or tajin if you're looking for that extra kick, and garnish your drink with some pepper slices.