Pizza casserole in a glassware dish
The Key To Easily Eliminating Grease From Pyrex Is In Your Pantry
Pyrex glassware is known for its quality, but that doesn't mean it's stain-proof. For stubborn stains and cloudiness on the glass, the solution lies in cornstarch and vinegar.
Combining these two ingredients creates a powerful cleaning solution that effectively breaks down grease, making it easy to lift and remove from your Pyrex.
Simply add a teaspoon each of cornstarch and a vinegar directly to your Pyrex, then mix in water until it forms a paste. Spread it on the greasy spots and let it sit.
After a few minutes, use a mesh scrubber to gently scrub the stained areas. The acidic vinegar breaks down grease, and the gritty and abrasive cornstarch helps to buff it away.
Finally, rinse your dish thoroughly with warm water for sparkling clean results. You'll no longer have to worry about an unsightly presentation or off flavors in your dishes.