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The Key To Adding Just The Right Amount Of Liquid To Buttercream
Buttercream is one of the most popular types of frosting, with a winning fluffy texture and rich flavor. Classic vanilla buttercream is usually made with powdered sugar, salt, buttermilk or heavy cream, and vanilla extract; however, even the best frosting recipe isn't foolproof, especially when it's time to add the liquids.
Buttercream is a balancing act: its texture should be whipped and fluffy, but also moist. Using too much liquid can make frosting thin and runny, and while every buttercream recipe is different, the most careful approach is to add your liquid only a splash at a time, checking to see how each splash affects your mixture.
If your buttercream turns runny and no longer keeps its fluffy peaks, you’ve gone a little too far. To fix this, stop adding liquid the moment you realize the frosting is too loose, then add a little cornstarch to the mixture to thicken it; the cornstarch must also be added conservatively, to avoid making the frosting bland and powdery.