hash browns on a white surface
The Key To A Well-Built Hashbrown Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast sandwiches with hash browns instead of bread can fall apart if you don’t assemble them correctly. It's easy to avoid this by using pre-formed, frozen hash brown patties.
Instead of trying to cook your own hash brown patties from shredded potatoes, which are prone to crumbling, use frozen patties, which are far more sturdy.
Not only will the frozen patties form a better base for your sandwich, but they also minimize prep time since you don’t have to shape the hash browns yourself.
Fry your patties in a good amount of oil rather than baking them in the oven. The oil will help them crisp up and form a golden crust so they hold together.
Before assembling your sandwich, let the hash browns cool and wipe off any excess oil,which could make the fillings slippery. Then, put together your breakfast and enjoy.