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The Key To A Perfectly Balanced Margarita
The classic margarita is a perfect blend of sweet, citrusy, and fruity, but like any classic cocktail, this drink can be reinvented and customized in countless ways to suit different tastes. However, if you're making drinks for a crowd, it's best to go with the most balanced, well-rounded margarita possible — here's how to achieve that.
Adding too much mixer to your margaritas can make them syrupy sweet, while too much alcohol makes a casual night of cocktails at home feel more like a frat party. America's Test Kitchen suggests making your own sour mix using the juice and zest of limes and lemons, sugar, and salt; then, mix your margs according to the following ratio.
Pour equal parts of the sour mix, triple sec, and tequila into your mixer, then shake with ice for the most well-balanced margarita — just don't forget the salt rim. Don't skimp on the quality of your ingredients, either; in a cocktail with so few parts, there's no excuse for using lemons or limes that aren't very fresh or cheap, one-dimensional tequila.