Creamy potato soup with bacon and cheddar cheese in bowl and pot on light stone background
The Key Ingredient To Thicken Instant Pot Cream Of Potato Soup
Using a pressure cooker to make cream of potato soup often makes it thin, because water condenses inside the cooker instead of evaporating. An easy fix is instant mashed potatoes.
Instant mashed potatoes are simply potatoes that have been cooked, pulverized, and dried into flakes. They can be added directly to soups and sauces to thicken them in no time.
Add the flakes directly to an Instant Pot of potato soup and they’ll soften and absorb excess moisture, turning the soup from watery to thick with no distracting flavors.
Potato flakes are also an excellent shortcut when making shepherd's pie or potato dishes like croquettes, and can even be used to bread meats and vegetables before frying.