A loaf of oatmeal bread
The Key Ingredient Tip For The Best Oatmeal Bread Possible
Oatmeal bread is simply regular bread with oats added during the baking process. It is a hearty treat, perfect for toast, sandwiches, or as a side for a delicious stew or beans.
The key to delicious oatmeal loaf is to use old-fashioned or rolled oats. These oats are steamed and rolled into flat flakes, preserving more texture and flavor than instant oats.
Oatmeal bread is made by following the process of making regular bread and then adding oats. Pre-soak the oats before adding them to the dough to absorb liquid and meld flavors.
Instant oats should be avoided as they can result in a mushy texture and sticky dough. You can also use oat flour, but its lack of gluten will produce a denser, less airy loaf.