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The Key Ingredient That Sets Shake Shack's Burger Sauce Apart
The quality of the meat, the choice of bun, and toppings are all factors that can make or break a burger, but sauce can really impact the overall flavor as well. Fast food chains like In-N-Out and McDonald’s are known for their signature burger sauces that include sweet pickle relish, but Shake Shack's ShackSauce uses pickles a bit differently.
Shake Shack shared its burger sauce recipe in the official cookbook "Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories," revealing that ShackSauce is made with kosher dill pickle brine, plus mayo, ketchup, Dijon mustard, and cayenne pepper. Pickle brine straight from the jar adds a slightly sour, salty, and herbal taste that is subtle but irreplaceable.
Dill pickle brine is typically made with water, salt, dill seeds, garlic, and white vinegar, but some recipes may add mustard seeds or red pepper flakes. ShackSauce also contains no sweet elements, while other burger joints often include sweet relish or just plain sugar in their sauces; Shake Shack clearly values salt, tang, and spice instead.