Close up of gin and tonic cocktail
The Key Ingredient Switch For Velvety Frozen Gin And Tonic Cocktails
When prepared with the same ingredients as a normal gin and tonic, a frozen gin and tonic becomes watered down, losing some of its rich, tingly flavor.
The problem occurs when tonic water blends with ice to dilute the drink. For hot summer days, replace tonic water with tonic syrup to keep your frozen gin and tonic cool and tasty.
As a concentrate, tonic syrup contains all the same elements as tonic water except for carbonated liquid, ensuring the finished cocktail has a velvety mouthfeel.
In short, tonic syrup makes a frozen gin and tonic bitter, smooth, and complex without compromising on taste.
When substituting tonic syrup for tonic water, ratios are key. Try adding two ounces of syrup to a blender alongside three ounces of gin, with lime juice to amplify the flavors.
As a final step, add one-and-a-half cups of ice and blend the mixture until creamy. Top the cocktail with any extra garnishes to make the glass pop.