Traditional homemade chickpea hummus with olive oil and spices
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The Key Ingredient Swap Used In Turkish Hummus
Most hummus recipes include chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil, and the softened chickpeas (either boiled or canned) are blended into a paste with the other ingredients, except for the oil. Olive oil is then drizzled in to give hummus its signature smooth texture, but in Turkey, cooks often use a different fat instead.
Traditionally Turkish hummus is made even more crave-able and delicious by using melted butter in place of olive oil. A generous amount of butter is poured over the top of the completed hummus before it is briefly baked in the oven, then served warm, another unique trait that makes Turkish hummus different from others.
Turkish hummus also often includes extra tahini, AKA sesame paste, for a more robust sesame flavor. Pastirma, a dry, seasoned beef, is also a popular addition to the hummus, and the delicious dip is usually served as a lunch dish alongside fresh vegetables and pickles.