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The Key Ingredient For Perfectly Juicy Chicken Burgers
Americans' demand for chicken sandwiches in restaurants has been increasing and decreasing in increments since 2021, with the majority of diners preferring to just eat one at home. You can make a chicken burger at home that's better than any restaurant's, but dryness is a big pitfall, so add this ingredient for surefire juicy results.
A seasoned panade — a combination of bread and milk that is added to ground meat to retain moisture during cooking — is a crucial component in a supremely juicy chicken burger. Try combining breadcrumbs with mayo for more richness than milk, then mix the panade into the ground chicken mixture with your fingers.
You can use sour cream or an egg if you stay away from mayo, and breadcrumbs aren’t your only option for the starch; you can find panade recipes made with cracker crumbs, cooked rice, or cooked potatoes. The starch absorbs the chicken juices that would otherwise be lost during cooking, making for juicy and tender burgers.