a pile of white rice in a paper bag and on the table, white uncooked rice grains in a paper bag on the table
The Key For Savoring Rice The Brazilian Way
Instead of simply boiling white rice in water, Brazilian rice is made pilaf-style by frying it in earthy olive oil with minced garlic and onions before simmering to perfection.
Onions and garlic are fried until caramelized and translucent, then rice is stirred in to absorb all the aromatic flavors. After a minute or two, boiling water and salt are added.
Adding already-boiled water to the rice kickstarts the cooking process, reducing the overall cooking time. While long-grain, white rice is the standard, brown rice will also work.
Top the rice with minced parsley and a squeeze of fresh lime juice for even more complexity. This aromatic rice is often served with Brazilian meat, fish, and starch dishes.