Scoops of Korean potato salad on a tray
The Key Elements Needed To Perfect The Sweetness Of Korean Potato Salad
Korean potato salad, or gamja salad, is a beloved banchan, a category of small side dishes eaten with rice that grace the table in large numbers during traditional Korean meals.
The salad has a more creamy, mashed potato-like texture with a sweet twist of flavor — sometimes overt, but usually subtle — that transforms it into something unique.
Fruits like grapes, raisins, pineapples, and apples are commonly used in the potato salad for sweetness, but some cooks also add sugar for an extra sweet touch.
To make Korean potato salad, start by boiling peeled Russet potatoes until they are fork-tender, then mash them until no large chunks remain.
You can add veggies like carrots and corn for a subtle sweetness, while ingredients like apple cider vinegar, cucumbers, and minced onions will add dimension.
Mix all your ingredients with the potatoes and mayo. If you have leftovers, try adding more sugar, mayo, and vinegar to perk up the dish on its second day of refrigeration.