Salsa verde in molcajete
The Key Differences Between Green Enchilada Sauce And Salsa Verde
While green enchilada sauce and salsa verde may seem identical, these two Mexican sauces have key differences in their ingredients, how they’re made, and what they’re used for.
Green enchilada sauce is a thin sauce cut with stock or water and typically contains tomatillos, jalapeños, cilantro, garlic, onion, oil, and lime juice.
Salsa verde, on the other hand, is thicker. It contains cooked tomatillos and raw ingredients like white onion, garlic, cilantro, jalapeño, serrano pepper, lime juice, and salt.
To make green enchilada sauce, roast the tomatillos and peppers and chop the rest of the ingredients. Blend it all together, thin it into a sauce, and cook it on the stovetop.
When preparing salsa verde, only the tomatillos are cooked, which are boiled or roasted. The rest of the ingredients are blended or chopped together into salsa.
Green enchilada sauce is almost exclusively served with enchiladas verdes. Salsa verde is far more versatile and can be used on any food that you would use other salsas on.
When it comes to taste, salsa verde is fresher due to raw ingredients like herbs and spices, while green enchilada sauce is more savory.