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The Jasmine: The Complex Gin Cocktail You Should Try
According to Difford's Guide, the Jasmine is a bittersweet, rosy-pink cocktail that was invented by architecture student and part-time bartender Paul Harrington. While working at The Townhouse in Emeryville, California, Harrington mixed up a riff on the classic Pegu Club cocktail and named it after his friend, Jasmin.
Like many classic cocktails that have seen a resurgence in recent years, the Jasmine is a remarkably simple drink to construct. Lemon juice, Campari, gin, and triple sec are shaken together with ice in a cocktail shaker, after which the drink is strained and served neat into a coupe glass, with a lemon rind garnish. describes the resulting drink as a bright pink delight with sweet citrusy notes. The Jasmine's color and flavor often brings up comparisons to grapefruit juice or another contemporary cocktail, The Cosmopolitan; Jasmine evangelist Evelyne Slomon even dubbed the Jasmine "the cosmo for grown-ups."