A bowl of mac and cheese
The Jarred Ingredient That Takes Boxed Mac And Cheese To Another Level
Jarred Cheez Whiz has a runny, dip-like consistency that makes it perfect for dipping, spreading, and stirring into your boxed
mac and cheese.
There's no need to wait for any blocks or crumbles to melt, and the consistency of the condiment blends perfectly into (and helps thicken) a creamy, gooey sauce.
Make the sauce like normal according to package instructions. Then, microwave the Cheez Whiz, pausing to stir every 30 seconds, before adding it to the sauce.
Starting with ½ cup of Cheez Whiz should be plenty. If you
try the sauce and want to up
the ante even more, stir it in
by the spoonful and taste as
you go until you're satisfied.