Hand sifting flour
The Jar Hack For Sifting Flour Without Creating A Mess On Your Countertops
Sifting flour often leaves you with floury dust all over your kitchen to clean up. Lizzie Acker, a 2021 Great British Bake Off contestant, has shared a way to make it less messy.
To keep flour from escaping the sieve as you sift, pour the desired amount of flour into a clean, dry jar with a wide mouth, but not wider than the center of your sieve or sifter.
Then, place your sieve over a bowl or container. Carefully flip the jar so that its open mouth faces downward and rests inside the sieve.
Hold onto the sieve and gently swirl the jar around the center of the sieve, controlling where the flour falls. The flour will be sifted with much more precision and zero mess.