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The Japanese Seasoning That Will Elevate Your Roasted Vegetables
Even though roasted veggies are delicious on their own, seasoning them with salt and pepper isn't always enough, and they might come out a little bland. Fortunately, there is a Japanese seasoning made of dried bonito flakes (also known as dried fish), sesame seeds, and seaweed that will take your roasted vegetables to the next level.
Furikake seasoning is made from dried fish flakes, herbs, and sesame, and can also be flavored with dried yuzu peel, miso powder, and shiitake mushroom powder. According to the flavor you choose, which includes salmon, shiso, and wasabi, furikake seasoning contains crunchy, salty, and nutty flavors.
Furikake translates to "sprinkle over," which is convenient since this seasoning is commonly sprinkled over ramen, rice balls, bowls of rice, fish, omelets, and of course, roasted vegetables. And since it's typically used as a garnish for roasted vegetables, it's best to sprinkle it on after the veggies are fully cooked and ready to be eaten.