Sliced jalapenos on. white background
The Jalapeño Cutting Tip To Block Pepper Oil From Burning Your Skin
While jalapeños make for delicious salsas, poppers, and more, chili burns from their spicy oils are no joke. There's a simple trick to protect your hands when handling them.
Wearing gloves while chopping jalapeños is always a good idea, but, if you don’t have a pair, you can use cooking oil to create a barrier between your skin and the pepper.
Oil your fingers on the hand you're using to hold the pepper, not the one you use to hold the knife. Make sure you still thoroughly wash your hands afterward.
If you’re past the precaution stage and need a solution for burning fingers, rubbing alcohol or even a high-proof spirit like vodka can dissolve the capsaicin on your hands.
Your best protection against chili oil burns is always prevention. Every time you handle the cut peppers, wash your hands until you're finally done cooking with jalapeños.