Dinnete is a traditional German dish originating from Baden-Wurttemberg is topped with sour cream, potatoes, onions, ham, and cheese close-up on a wooden board on the table. vertical top view
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The Italian Origins Of The Humble Potato Pizza
Naples, Italy is credited with inventing pizza as a way for workers to quickly fill their bellies, but today the food is seen as iconic of Italy as a whole. When pizza became popular around the world, Italians began experimenting with the recipe, and each region created its own unique variation, like the potato pizza that’s popular in Rome.
In Rome, you’re likely to see pizza con patate topped with paper-thin slices of potato, a sprinkling of herbs, and nothing else. While not exciting to look at, pizza con patate is a simple yet delicious option, and although sauce and cheese are noticeably absent, the potatoes are seasoned with salt and high-quality olive oil, enhancing their earthy flavor.
Pizza con patate originated as a peasant food that was both satisfying and affordable, and has been adapted to suit regional preferences throughout the country. In southern Italy, the potatoes are mashed and incorporated into the crust or cubed and added as a topping, and elsewhere you’ll find it served with sauce and cheese.