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The Italian Island Where Tuna Reigns Supreme
The Italian island of San Pietro, a 19-square mile piece of land off the southern coast of Sardinia, is a tuna lover's dream. The island's pork town of Carloforte is famous for its bluefin tuna; each fish can weigh up to 1,200 pounds and grow up to 10 feet long, and this staple is featured on nearly every restaurant menu in town.
The bluefin tune of Carloforte has a fatty and tender texture that is superior to other kinds of tuna. The fishermen of San Pietro have been catching tuna for about a thousand years, and capture their prey using special anchored nets called “tonnara"; Carloforte fishermen are the only ones in the world who still use this tool.
According to National Geographic, the Carloforte tuna fishing process involves a maze of nets that lead the fish into a section called the “death chamber,” where they are scooped out of the water to be killed, cleaned, and prepped for sale. While you can buy this very special tuna online, a 4-ounce portion will set you back about $40.