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The Irish Fortunetelling Bread Traditionally Served On Halloween
According to The Travel, Halloween originated in Ireland, where it began as the Celtic festival Samhain, or "summer's end." The Irish celebrate the holiday with some unique traditions, including food offerings, like Colcannon — a hearty mashed potato with kale or cabbage — and a sweet fruitcake-style bread.
Per Food52, the traditional Irish bread served on Halloween is called "Barmbrack" — a sweet, yeast bread filled with pieces of dried fruit and traditionally soaked in hot tea. The most unique aspect of the bread is that it can supposedly tell the fortunes of those who eat it based on the trinkets hidden within the bread.
Traditionally, golden rings were hidden in the bread, and whoever got the slice with the ring was said to be married within the year. Other fortune-telling trinkets that were baked into the bread included a silver coin, a thimble, and a small piece of cloth — the coin represents wealth, the thimble indicates a spinster life, and the fabric represents poverty.