Irish shot with bacon strips next to bottles of Irish whiskey and butterscotch schnapps
The Irish Breakfast Shot Includes Whiskey, Orange Juice, And A Strip Of Bacon
An Irish shot, also called an Irish Pancake Breakfast, captures the flavor of a morning meal at a typical Irish breakfast establishment. This drink is actually two shots in one.
First, you take a shot of Irish whiskey mixed with butterscotch schnapps, followed by a shot of orange juice. A strip of crispy bacon is often used as a garnish.
With a sweet and savory flavor, the drink is reminiscent of pancakes and maple syrup or toasted bread, served with freshly squeezed juice and bacon hot off the griddle.
To make the drink at home, shake Irish whiskey, butterscotch schnapps, and maple syrup with ice and pour into shot glasses. Chill the glasses in advance for more refreshment.
Alternatively, you can combine the shots into one cocktail by mixing the whiskey and liqueur in a shaker, straining the drink into an ice-filled glass, and topping it with OJ.
The type of bacon you serve with the drink will also impact the overall taste, so choose wisely. Bacon flavored with maple syrup or fruity woods like applewood would work well.