Pile of wine corks in a box
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The Interesting (& Sustainable) Way Wine Corks Are Made
Due to several environmental and economic challenges, the wine industry is constantly changing to combat growing problems. While more sustainable changes come to many aspects of winemaking every year, the wine corks in your bottles might just stay the same, as they've long been a product of eco-conscience harvesting.
The process of making corks has never required forests to be cut down, and there are many provisions in place that regulate the cork harvesting and production process. Corks are made from the bark of cork oak trees found in Spain and Portugal, and laws require that the tree must be at least 25 years old before its first harvest.
Additionally, almost a decade is required between each harvest to ensure the health of the trees. Harvesting is always done by professionals who are deeply skilled and knowledgeable, and is done in a specific way to ensure that no product is wasted, so you never have to worry about the environmental impact of your wine cork.