Overhead view of sugar cookies with sprinkles on tray
The Ingredients That Will Give Your Sugar Cookies A Savory Twist
Sugar cookies are a nostalgic hallmark of holidays and family gatherings, often decorated with festive shapes and frosting. Their flavor can be endlessly customized as well.
Beyond basic additions like flavored extract or cocoa powder, herbs are a great option to add a complex, savory touch to your cookies. Rosemary is one great option.
Rosemary is easy to find and surprisingly versatile when paired with sweeter foods. It adds a hint of refreshing, piney herbal flavor to basic sugar cookies.
Roughly chop the rosemary to reduce bitterness before adding it to your cookie dough. It will create lovely-looking cookies with a golden color dotted with deep green specks.
Other herbs that are often used in baked goods include basil, thyme, and lavender. Any of these add an unexpected spicy, woodsy, and/or floral complexity to otherwise plain cookies.