Pound cake with orange glaze
The Ingredients That Make Five Flavor Pound Cake Distinctive
Pound cake recipes are neither boring nor humble, especially five flavor recipes. To make them, simply add your choice of five different flavors of extracts into your cake batter.
Use an old-fashioned recipe as the foundation for your baking and add your choice of extracts. Vanilla, rum, coconut, hazelnut, and lemon extracts are all great choices.
Orange and almond extracts are also common inclusions. Maple and banana can invite new flavors into your moist, fluffy pound cake recipes.
Moreover, multi-ingredient pound cake recipes are perfect for experimentation, and you can decide which flavors you would like to highlight and which you would like to be more subtle.
If you enjoy lemon pound cake and want to use the citrus-forward recipe as a base to build your five-flavored cake, use flavors that would complement the tartness of the batter.
Lastly, top your baked creations with a glaze made of sugar, water, and the extracts you've added to the cake, and you're in for a flavorful treat to enjoy.