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The Ingredient You Need For True Irish Shortbread
Shortbread is a type of biscuit that has been baked and enjoyed by countries around the world for many centuries. Flour, sugar, and butter are the essential components of most shortbread recipes following the 16th century, but variations do exist, and for deliciously buttery Irish-style shortbread, you need to use this authentic ingredient.
To make true Irish shortbread, use Irish butter like unsalted Kerrygold brand, or other all-Irish brands that make butter from grass-fed cows. Since Irish butter has a high fat content, it reaches room temperature in just 15 minutes once removed from the fridge, so you can mix it into your dough and bake the cookies in no time.
Irish butter can also be used in less traditional recipes for a burst of buttery goodness. Try using rice flour in your shortbread for a more grainy and toothsome texture, or for a smoother biscuit, add cornstarch to your recipe, and flavorings like lemon, lavender, rosemary, or orange add a tasty twist to the simple biscuits.