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The Ingredient You Can Use Instead Of Cream In Indian Dishes
Many Indian dishes, such as paneer tikka masala and butter chicken, are famous for the rich texture of their sauces. Most recipes rely on heavy cream to thicken up the dish.
For health-conscious Indian food lovers, Greek yogurt is a useful ingredient that allows you to enjoy a lighter version of the same flavor-packed meals you know and love.
Look for a full-fat, flavorless Greek yogurt. This will give the dish a velvety texture with fewer calories and more protein than a version made with regular cream.
Greek yogurt can also replace coconut milk in some Indian dishes, but you should make sure to add a bit of water to the yogurt to mimic coconut milk’s thinner consistency.
If you're intimidated by the spiciness of an Indian dish, you can even use Greek yogurt to tone down the heat. A scoop or two as a topping will balance out the spice.