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The Ingredient To Help Your Chicken Brown To Perfection
The browned hue on your cooked chicken is because of the Maillard reaction, which is essentially a dance between a protein and a sugar triggered by heat that provides color and flavor. To achieve this reaction in a short amount of time, consider using this one dry ingredient that can be used in a marinade, dredge, or dry rub.
Through a process of trial and error, it’s been found that dredging meat in milk powder results in a much quicker browning. The method works especially well for chicken which, when coated with a teaspoon of milk powder and lightly sprayed with a cooking spray, takes less than two minutes to brown as though they were fresh off the grill.
Not only does milk powder help the meat brown perfectly and quickly, it actually helps chicken taste more like chicken. To do so, pass the milk powder through a sieve onto the chicken to prevent clumping, and when it's done, you'll notice brown marks and edges, and perfect bits at the bottom of the pan that make for a great base to gravy.