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The Ingredient That Will Take Your Chicken Dinner Up A Notch
As versatile as the popular protein is, eating chicken dishes on repeat can quickly become monotonous. Luckily, there's a surefire way to add some zip back into your chicken dinners — and all you need is a splash of vinegar.
According to MyRecipes, adding vinegar to braised chicken can entirely transform its flavor, adding depth and dimension to the savory dish. The technique is actually an old French trick — just replace a small portion of the braising liquid, typically stock, wine, or water, with the vinegar of your choice.
Generally speaking, the right vinegar is one that complements the ingredients and cuisine of your overall dish. Greek recipes go with red or white wine vinegar, French recipes with champagne vinegar, Spanish dishes with sherry vinegar, and Italian recipes can use balsamic vinegar to add a tanginess to your meal.