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The Ingredient That Will Change Your Vegan Recipes Forever
If you cook a lot of vegan-friendly food, you know that you sometimes need to be heavy-handed with the seasoning. Nutritional yeast is usually a go-to ingredient for vegan meals, but if you want to take your vegan cooking to another level, you’ve got to get on the black salt bandwagon.
Given its naturally egg-like flavor, it makes sense that black salt works best in vegan versions of recipes that normally call for egg, including vegan scrambled eggs, egg salad, and carbonara. It works particularly well sprinkled over fried food, and in South Asian cuisine, it is traditionally used in chutney, raita, chaat masala, pickled dishes, and salads.
If you're unsure how to use black salt in your own cooking, think of it as a vegan cured egg yolk. Like cured egg yolk, it works well grated over pasta and soup, so you'll definitely want to have this ingredient on hand next time you cook a plant-based meal.