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The Ingredient That Will Change Your Rum Cocktails Forever
Of all the liquors out there, none can transform the ambience of an evening (or afternoon) into something tropical and celebratory quite like rum in a cocktail. While it's hard to imagine a way to make a rum cocktail any better, there's an unexpected ingredient that can do just that — sherry.
Sherry, a fortified wine with tones that tend toward earthy, can be a novel way to add depth, balance, and character to a rum cocktail. Chicago-based sommelier Alan Beasey says, “Sherry has a myriad of bold, unique, interesting flavors all in one bottle and is really flexible when it comes to pairing.”
While some sherry-infused cocktails may lean a little less tropical, like the Act of Faith, others, like the popular Fog Cutter, are decidedly closer to the tiki-style rum cocktails that rum lovers often embrace. Regardless, adding a bit of sherry to any rum cocktail is sure to up your cocktail creation cred.