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The Ingredient That Will Change Your Pecan Pie Forever
This classic pecan pie formula is hard to beat, although many have tried, riffing on the original recipe by adding chocolate, bourbon, or even maple syrup. But leave it to Joanna Gaines to surprise us with an unexpected ingredient that enhances the iconic pie's taste and gives it a whole new vibe for your taste buds.
According to MyRecipes, Gaines adds ancho chili powder, which is basically dried poblano pepper, to her pecan pie to give it a little cha-cha to counter the sweetness of this pie. Their heat is considered mild, but their flavor is sweet and smoky, giving the pecan pie whole new energy.
Per the Baltimore Sun, chilis work well with sweets like chocolate because while chilis pack a bit of heat, they also have sweet undertones to counterbalance spiciness. On that note, ancho chili powder is sure to be a pecan pie game changer, elevating your dish to a whole new level, along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, of course.