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The Ingredient That Will Change Your Pasta Salad Forever
Pasta salad is one summer perk that really allows you to push aside limitations and let your culinary imagination take over. If you want to take your pasta salad to another level, it’s all about seasoning, and we’ve got a flavor-enhancing ingredient that will change your pasta salad forever.
Seasoning your pasta salad begins when you add salt to the water, before you've even added the pasta. If you really want to create a pasta salad that will have your family and friends shoveling it in their mouths, you need to go big or go home — and that is exactly what pickle juice will do.
Pickle juice works especially well if you have a creamy dressing, as it helps cut down the fatty flavors and provides a delicious contrast. However, if you want to skip the creamy aspects of pasta salad, you could easily fashion a pickle juice vinaigrette that would work just as well.