The Ingredient That Will Change Your Bolognese Sauce Forever
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Bolognese is a classic Italian sauce made from ground beef, pork, or both, and deeply flavored with a sauté of onions, carrots, celery, and tomatoes. However, it's not really bolognese without a rich, creamy ingredient: milk.
According to Delish, a pour of milk brings a depth of flavor to bolognese and helps to soften the ground meat. As Melbourne, Australia restaurateur Guy Grossi told goodfood, "Milk adds a little richness and it may aid in tenderizing meat."
Lidia Bastianich, the doyenne of Italian-American cooking, recommends using milk in bolognese in her recipe. As the meat is browning, she warms milk with hot chicken or vegetable broth, adding it by the ladleful to the meat mixture as it bubbles away.