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The Ingredient That Will Change Your Avocado Toast Forever
Some of the most popular toppings for avocado toast include eggs, smoked salmon, shrimp, lime zest or juice, hot sauce, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, salt, and lots of herbs and spices. There is one ingredient, however, that adds a bright pop of color as well as a zesty flavor and crisp texture.
Next time you're craving a thick slice of toast smothered with a generous layer of mashed avocado be sure to have a jar of pickled red onion within reach. Anyone who has ever sprinkled pickled red onions over tacos, salads, and burgers, can vouch that they possess an eye-catching fuchsia hue, a zippy tang, and a subtle crunch.
Thankfully, whipping up a jarful of pickled red onions is super simple. Love And Lemons offers a recipe that calls for a handful of ingredients you may already have on hand: red onions, white vinegar, cane sugar, sea salt, and garlic.