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The Ingredient That Might Be Ruining Your Pancakes
It can be pretty disappointing to mix up a batch of pancake batter that creates flat, floppy pancakes rather than light and fluffy ones. However, just because your pancakes didn’t rise doesn't mean you mixed or cooked them wrong, and you should scan your recipe for this one ingredient to see if it may be sabotaging you.
Baking powder is a leavening agent used in recipes to help baked goods rise, resulting in light and fluffy texture, but only when the powder is fresh. When baking powder expires, its acid and alkaline properties can separate and eliminate its ability to help your pancakes rise, resulting in flat flapjacks, if your recipe calls for this leavener.
To determine whether or not your baking soda has expired, add a small amount into a cup of hot water or room temperature vinegar and check for fizzing, which indicates it’s still active. Also, if the powder has a musty or sour odor, it’s likely gone bad and should be replaced with a new box that will actually make your pancakes fluffy.